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Ora Pup Dental Care!

OraPup Dental Care!
Fur Heaven’s Sake.org likes to promote any product or service that are positive toward animals. Our Premium Membership Program allows vendors, manufacturers, stores, websites, and retail sellers an opportunity to have their own STOREFRONT that displays these products and services as well as links to their own websites or social media fronts.

For $120 a year ($10 a month) you can become a PREMIUM MEMBER that provides you that STOREFRONT with no listing fees and only a

I came across this website and product by accident and have not tried it yet, but will. Therefore, I cannot testify for it yet, but sharing it now in case there are any “emergency” cases out there! If you have tried it and want to let us know, use the comment / reply space beneath the post. Seems like a good product idea for our halitosis challenged friends! (I know some ‘humans’ I could buy this for….just sayin.)

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