FurBay’s FAQs & Help (done)

FurBay’s FAQs & Help (done)2020-05-10T20:44:08-07:00

 Needing help are we? 

It is never fun to need help and learning new computer functions can be frustrating for us all.  Look beyond the ‘immediate ‘crisis’ we all feel when it does happen! With just a little help, we can “see the tree for the forest”  and then it falls into place and we wonder why it was so hard in the first place, right?

As time goes on, we will add your questions and answers here. If you have a question we haven’t answered, please contact us.

Animal Charity Referral Form2020-06-20T11:22:15-07:00

Animal Charity Referral Form

If you know of an animal charity in your community that could use more revenue to help animals, please let them know about us. Send them our link to Fur Heaven’s Sake

Or if you prefer, send us their contact information including their URL or website link, and we will send them our free FurBay information.

Are FurBay Donations Tax Deductible?2020-06-20T11:29:47-07:00

Navigating Tax Waters!

Since Fur Heaven’s Sake is not able to answer legal or tax questions, we simply advise all our members that have these types of concerns, to consult with their professionals.

However, generally speaking, our understanding is that donations made on behalf of all legal non-profit animal charity organizations would be deductible. But membership fees, dues, or other types of financial support may vary from state to state or country to country.

Perhaps the animal charity you registered under can assist you, but if not, consult your tax accountant or state taxing entities for answers.


Can FurBay Members Help Other Animal Charities?2020-06-20T11:39:11-07:00

Yes, they can! When a business registers under a community or county animal charity of their choice, that allows them to offer items or services to not only that charity, but all animal charities registered in our FurBay program anywhere in the world!

Registered Business Members are connected with all our FurBay members. And whenever they want to offer something to help that charity with some revenue needs or emergencies, they can!

How?  Business Members have their FurBay store to list as many items as they want to help any of our charity members, anywhere. Members indicate when they list their items, information about who and where that charity is located. Now all FurBay shoppers can see the article and who it is helping!

Shoppers can also help any animal charity they wish as long as that charity is registered with us. If not, tell them to register for free and begin earning revenue!

All our memberships are accessible not only to each other but to the general public shopping on FurBay. Non-member shoppers are helping animals also when they purchase an item!

FurBay is a win-win for everyone and especially our animal friends in need!


Form Letters For Your Charity (need form letters)2020-06-20T13:00:00-07:00

As a FurBay Animal Charity Member, you can reach out to potential businesses and supporters in your community or county area.

You do not have to use our form letter, but providing for you in case you do or want an idea of what to say.

You are wanting to invite anyone who might want to become one of your Supporting Members when they register under your animal charity. Monthly fees are $20 a month, of which your charity receives the full monthly fee of $20 USD per member, per month.

Businesses in your community need to register with our FurBay program to acquire their FurBay store. Your community animal charities will benefit from these business members when they list items to sell and offer ‘donations or commissions’ to one or more of your community animal charities.

Animal charities need to be registered with FurBay as a member to receive funds.

Our Animal Charity Form Letter provides some links and information that will help them decide which membership they want to use.

Our FurBay website will give them all the options and page tabs they might wish to visit. We will include links for both Business Member benefits and Supporting Member benefits to take directly to pages of personal interest to them.

But, if you want them to see specific information about a benefit, just include a link to that page in your letter to them.

Tell them our animal friends of the world are waiting…..





FurBay Video Tutorials2020-03-06T12:52:45-08:00

Finish this FAQ page when I have Dokan in place….

How to set up your Furbay store…

How to create a coupon or discount on items.

How to link to the animal charity you want that item to benefit.

How Do We Get Started?2020-07-04T13:48:00-07:00

We all know the age-old expression “taking that first step is always the hardest.” 

Many of us also know that once we do, it’s not as bad as we thought. The more steps we take the more we learn and before long our apprehensions often disappear as we can see more clearly our overall goal.

And so it is with FurBay and we tried hard to make it as easy as possible for you to use so that ‘We Can Help You Help Them!’ 

Together, our overall goal is to help animal charities on all levels, increase their revenue, and help more animals in their communities!

So, what do you say?  Let’s Get Started! 


How To Deliver FurBay Items?2020-02-08T11:55:11-08:00

Answer: Depending on the items being sold on the charity’s FurBay Revenue Store, shipping and delivery are done as most common online stores already do.

Items that can be emailed or digitally delivered, such as coupons, gift certificates, raffle tickets, etc. are easily done that way.

Items that need mailing or shipping, the buyer is responsible for those costs, unless otherwise stipulated in the sale of the item.

Some large items such as furniture or appliances or other large items, where the cost of shipping is prohibitive, sellers usually stipulate a “local pickup and delivery” in their items listings.

This simply means that anyone interested in this item is responsible for arranging their own pickup of the item where it is located.  Usually within driving distance is the norm for such items.

(If an item only needs to be mailed at regular postage costs, it is standard to either send the item at no cost or charge a small handling charge. Sellers discretion applies.)

How To Obtain Items For Your Charity!2021-01-02T15:10:24-08:00


I:  Animal Charities – can display any item or service offering on their FurBay online store from anyone wanting to sell something to help that charity!

Typically there are four ways to list items: Fixed price; Auction; Discounts with coupons or gift certificates, and Raffles.

When the terms for the offerings are determined, items are listed on the charity’s FurBay store just like any other online store. Length of time, net cost (if any) the seller wants, and the profits go to the charity.

Sellers need to keep in mind that there has to be a worthwhile profit incentive for the charity to list and sell items. As long as the terms are mutually beneficial to everyone, it will be profitable to all concerned.

But the primary purpose is to help the charity help animals.

II. Supporting Members people in your community, know they can bring ‘worthwhile’ items to you. If your animal charity has a ‘Gift Store’ already, you are halfway there! Usually, these items are donated so you can place them on your FurBay store and make a 100% profit!

When recruiting new members for your charity, let them know your FurBay is an easy way for them to earn their $20 a month back – while helping them sell their items!

III. Business Members – Businesses in your community or county may be your best source of continuous revenue through their own FurBay stores when they become a Business Member!  Why?  Because they can benefit their businesses, increase income, and expand their market by helping your charity!  FurBay is a win-win for all members and especially for our animal friends!

If your charity is small and you are already short-handed, find one of your members to run your FurBay store for you and give them some financial incentive to do so.  They may not want it, but even if they do, offering 10-20% of profits from items sold would be an excellent way to attract support.

Once you have your FurBay store up and running, offering items, services, coupons, gift certificates, and raffles, you will be amazed at how much fun raising money can be!

You will also increase your $20 a month memberships, and together with store revenue, you will be on your way to the increased monthly income you can count on!

Why FurBay Is Good For Communities:  Four Ways Your Company Benefits By Giving Back

Raffles – Let Them Work For You!2020-06-19T15:49:43-07:00

 FurBay’s online software provides the ability to offer ticket sales to just your community or wherever you are allowed to reach.

Follow your state or country’s laws on providing raffles to your community, state, or online possibilities as the law allows. People love having a chance to win something, especially if they know the cost of participating is going for a good cause. In other words, if you don’t win the raffle, you still won a ‘good feeling’ knowing you helped that cause.

That said, if online raffles through your animal charity are allowable, there are so many beautiful ways to raise money for your animal charity.

Items and or services such as art pieces, jewelry, home decor, sporting goods, fishing trips, bed & breakfast trips, we could go on forever almost with beautiful ideas.





Here is just one link to Legal Zoom regarding online raffles, and is not intended to be the sole reference for anyone to use. We highly recommend consulting with your legal advisors, tax consultants, and all state statutes that may apply to your charity. Online Raffles

**FurBay or Fur Heaven’s Sake offers no legal advice or recommendations to any non-profit organization as various state laws determine the legality of raffles in respective states. Any inference or interpretation Fur Heaven’s Sake or FurBay.org suggests other than following applicable laws are denied.**




Suggestions To Help Our Friends2020-03-15T12:49:57-07:00

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Types Of Memberships We Offer2020-05-26T11:15:46-07:00

WE OFFER THREE TYPES OF MEMBERSHIPS                             

I:   FurBay Charity Member, your charity will have its own free – FurBay Revenue Store.

II:   FurBay Business Members anywhere in the world can offer items or services to benefit our animal charity members – anytime!

III:  FurBay Supporting Members benefit by being eligible for discounts, coupons, prizes, and raffle items on FurBay!


Non-Members can also shop on FurBay, and when they do, they will still be supporting animals!

But they may not always be eligible for some discounts, coupons, charity offerings, or charity raffles, as a charity may offer! 

 Business Members of FurBay can offer items and designate just for charity Supporting Members!

Why?  Restrictions on some items or services from time to time are to provide incentives for non-members to register under an animal charity of their choice.

Monthly revenue is critical for animal charities, and your membership with them is a blessing to animals in their care!

If you can afford $20 a month, pick your community animal charity and register today!  (NEED REGISTRATION ICON AND LINK HERE!)

(And remember, you can still help support any other FurBay Charity member anywhere and at any time!)

What Are Members Eligible For?2020-02-11T12:48:32-08:00

All members who are registered with Fur Heaven’s Sake,  to include all the types of memberships we offer, are eligible for any of the items, services, coupons, gift certificates, etc. by any of our members, on any of our FurBay member’s stores.

Please note, however, each of our animal charity members ‘reserve the right’ to occasionally limit universal access to some offerings and keep an item limited for their members.

Examples might be that only a limited number of say ‘coupons or gift certificates’ offered by a business in their community. Or, individual charities may offer from time to time ‘Raffle events’ to reward their charity’s members for their monthly support.

And there are times that these charities and their Business Member supporters will provide items that benefit local shelters and communities more than someone on the other side of the globe.


But, generally speaking, all members are eligible to benefit from our member’s offerings on their FurBay online stores!  Our members also are able to offer any of our members, items that will help them raise revenue, no matter where they are!

For more details on our members benefits, see our Membership pages.








What Is Relationship Marketing? (d)2020-07-11T07:01:49-07:00



Relationship Marketing is a term used to describe marketing concepts,  that allows all parties to benefit from supporting a common goal.

There are numerous articles and data offered by many business experts, consultants, marketing firms, and advertisers that use and support this type of marketing.


I chose just this one as it most easily explained to me what relationship marketing means regarding my fundraising and revenue programs for my website, Fur Heaven’s Sake.org.


Relationship marketing is a facet of customer relationship management (CRM) that focuses on customer loyalty and long-term customer engagement rather than shorter-term goals like customer acquisition and individual sales. The goal of relationship marketing (or customer relationship marketing) is to create strong, even emotional, customer connections to a brand that can lead to ongoing business, free word-of-mouth promotion, and information from customers that can generate leads.  See more… Relationship Marketing

Relationship marketing means that our FurBay programs benefit everyone!

That means everyone benefits,

from the animal charity members, for their Supporting

Members & Business members, and to

their communities. 

And most of all, the animals we all want to help.



How Does Giving Increase Receiving?                              
Great article in Entrepreneur magazine:

4 Ways Your Company Benefits From Giving Back





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