Animal Charity Supporting Member Benefits

They say money can’t buy happiness!”  Well, that’s not always true, sometimes it can!

If you love animals and can afford 20 dollars a month, then you can buy happiness!

Fur Heaven’s Sakes’ FurBay is about helping animals anywhere and everywhere in the world!

And one of the best ways to do that is to let everyone mutually benefit!

How do we do this?  In a fun way for all our members!  See our Fun For Funds page for details.

How do I begin?

A:  Choose the charity of your choice to register under, and your $20 monthly dues will go to that charity.

(And yes, our FurBay program allows you to help more than one charity anywhere in the world. More on that later.)

B: As an Animal Charity Supporter, you are now eligible for benefits you will enjoy, the money you will save, and the fun you will have.

What Are The Benefits?

As an animal charity Supporting Member, the first benefit most of us will realize is that we are helping our animal charity of choice in our community, county, or wherever it may be.

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  • membership fee:  Twenty dollars a month isn’t much by itself, but having numerous ‘Supporting Members’ can be a lifesaver for charities! An example using only 100 members @ $20 a month means $2,000 a month to that charity! To many animal shelters, that’s a Godsend!
  •  FurBay members enjoy all the shopping, coupons, gift certificates, offered by Business Members (Sellers).  Also, item,s can be provided to charities by members and non-members alike.
  • Non-Members or the general public can also shop on FurBay to support animal charities. But, they may not always be eligible for unique offerings reserved for members, ie. Raffles, coupons, etc. The incentive here is to be an SM, supporting your charity, and enjoying full benefits!
  • Charities can present their members’ items such as Coupons, Gift Certificates, Raffles, Holiday discounts, and prizes!  Raffle tickets, when offered, are always a fun and affordable way to raise revenue!
  • As a member of FurBay, you can support an animal charity anywhere! Register under your local favorite charity. Then you can help any animal charity anywhere, by shopping all the items offered by our FurBay members designated to help that animal charity!

Memberships Benefit Everyone!

  • Although the general public can shop and help support charities and animals, special and unique offerings from time to time will be available only to FurBay members.
  • Why?  To attract more animal lovers to become FurBay Charity Supporters of their community animal charity! Memberships are critically important in providing ‘monthly revenue’ charities can count on in time of need- which is pretty much… All the time!
  • Whether you register as ‘a Supporting Member or as a Business Member,’ you can enjoy many aspects of your membership, not the least is seeing your charity being able to provide care to more animals in need!
  • Need a website or online store for your business?  Now you can get one when you register as a Business Member with an animal charity in your community!
  • Already have an online store? Great! Syndicate your existing online store to reach new markets by registering with your animal charity!
  • For more details and pleasant surprises, see (See FurBay Business Vendors)



FurBay is about helping all animals, and it belongs to them. FurBay is ‘Their Website, Their Voice, Their Revenue…’


” You see, money can buy happiness! “

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