20 May, 2020

Offering Gift Certificates (d)

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Gift Certificates - All Year Long! FurBay's purpose is to provide animal charities the opportunity to raise increased revenue all year long! Holidays present a perfect time to buy someone a gift..and..support community animal charities at the same time. FurBay Animal Charities & Business Members can offer Gift Certificates [...]

12 May, 2020

Raffles! Use ‘Em Or Lose ‘Em!

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  Raffles Are A Great Source Of Revenue! As A Non-Profit, Take Advantage Of Whatever Options Your State Laws Allow! IF YOUR CHARITY CAN OFFER RAFFLES ONLINE, IT MAY BE A GOOD SOURCE OF REVENUE! As a FurBay Animal Charity Member, you have an online revenue store, FurBay, to reach [...]

10 May, 2020


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TYPES OF MEMBERSHIPS                              I:   As a FurBay Charity Member, your charity will have its own free - FurBay Revenue Store. II:  FurBay Business Members, anywhere in the world, can offer items or services for our [...]

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