All About Animals

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 All God’s Creatures, Great & Small…”

FurBay is ALL about animals!  Furbay is NOT about competing with eBay, Amazon, Etsy, Shopify, or any other online marketplace. FurBay is dedicated to helping animals, anywhere, everywhere, and at any time!

FurBay is ‘Their Online Store!”  

FurBay is community-oriented to provide revenue assistance to animal organizations often overlooked in the donations category. Smaller animal organizations, such as shelters, rescues, spaying & neutering, fostering, need help too!

FurBay benefits everyoneanimal charities, business members, supporters, and, most important of all, our animal friends!

FurBay’s mutually beneficial programs benefit ALL members who join FurBay.  Animal charities need a ‘consistent and constant flow’ of revenue. Our FurBay programs do that and more!

FurBay is their website, their marketplace, and their voice! If you love animals, visit all our pages on how you can help them while helping your community and having some fun!

If you want to add some fun, some joy, and some love in your life, “Help Us Help Them.” Register today! (Registration Link needed)

As the founder of Fur Heaven’s Sake & FurBay, I have

dedicated this marketplace to be owned by our

animal friends the world over.

Michael Vincent, Founder

Fur Heaven’s

“I am the voice of the voiceless…

Through me, the mute shall speak,

’til the deaf world’s ear

be made to hear….the cry

 of the wordless weak.”

“The World’s Need”
by Ella Wheeler Wilco

Our Mission is to ‘Help You Help Them’!

Our fundraising programs are free for animal non-profit charities and organizations. Our FurBay platform will raise more revenue for your animal charities, increase traffic for Business Members, and create a network of ‘mutually beneficial support’ in your communities.

All our memberships are beneficial to and for Animal Charity Memberships, Business Memberships and our Supporting Members.

Our FurBay format makes helping animals rewarding in unique new ways that are fun as well!

If you love animals and want to help them, then take some time to understand how our programs work.

And then tell the animal charities in your community about Fur Heaven’s Sakes’ FurBay program!  Thank you.

FurBay Belongs To All Animals!

“I created Fur Heaven’s Sake and our foundation program, FurBay, to be all about helping animals.

After launching and upon success, I will have legal documents drafted that will assign all rights to them. Yes, they will have to be administered, of course, by humans.

But, long after I’m gone, FurBay will still be here, and I hope and pray, continuing to be helping them.

As the image expresses, ‘the day will never come that I won’t try….”

Michael Vincent, Founder

Fur Heaven’s Sake,

Animal Charities need new and innovative ways to help animal charities raise more money!

Our FurBay Revenue Program offers animal charities the world over an online marketplace dedicated to helping animals.

On FurBay, when an item listed sells, it directly helps the animal charity it is ‘designated to benefit!  Anywhere in the world!

FurBay offers new ways to raise money, and members are limited only by their imagination! Which, of course, means ‘have some fun!

Explore how FurBay provides its’ members a fun and beneficial venue to raise revenue, cover costs, and enjoy being a member of Fur Heaven’s Sakes’ animal website.

Relationship Marketing Means Mutually Beneficial Programs

“Relationship Marketing – is a strategy designed to foster customer loyalty, interaction, and long-term engagement. It is designed to develop strong emotional connections with customers by providing them with information directly suited to their needs and interests and by promoting open communication.” (Excerpt from Forbes)

This is how FurBay programs work! All of us, as animal lovers and advocates, have strong emotional connections to help animals. Using our programs will help you do that in a way that benefits you as members and also benefits the charities.

a) All our members benefit no matter where in the world they may be. Why? Because all our members are connected with each animal charity!  If you want to help a charity anywhere in the world, you can – and – benefit at the same time!

b) Businesses benefit by becoming Business members (aka Sellers) of their charity by registering with them.  Now, their business can reach animal lovers and our members around the world, not just in their community! Again, help animals and gain new customers worldwide!

c) Supporters benefit by being eligible for the special offerings (like raffles, contests, etc.) from our business members and every charity’s FurBay stores when they are offered. .”

d) And, yes, the General Public can also shop on FurBay! (Non-members can shop, but may not be eligible for certain prizes, contests, and raffles offered by Sellers or charity members.)

Everybody Wins – Especially the Animals!

There is no wizardry required to understand how mutually beneficial relationships like this would be attractive to almost everyone!

We all enjoy getting something in return for our contributions.  Our FurBay programs offer that and much more!

When mutually beneficial relationships are established, they become dependable and consistent. Something animal organizations need!

 Fur Heaven’s Sake members can have fun, save money, or make money, and help animals anywhere in the world.

Examples of what this means can be found here:  Membership Supporter Benefits!

What Is FurBay?

Fur Heaven’s Sakes’ FurBay Helping You Help Them

Free Fund Raising Programs For Animals Charities & Organizations Everywhere!

Additional revenue tools are needed if we are going to raise more money for charities!  It’s just that simple!

How Can We Do This?  By offering mutually beneficial programs to our business communities and our supporters.

Adding revenue using our FurBay programs is based on several types of memberships:

a) Supporting Memberships – People who wish to be a $20 a month supporter for your charity. Your charity gets the monthly dues.

b) Business Memberships – Businesses who want to be a $20 a month ‘business vendor’ for your charity.   Products & Services offered by members to all the other Fur Heaven’s Sake members anywhere in the world.

c) Syndicated Memberships – Anyone who already has an online store can duplicate it for $20 a month on our website. In doing so, they also obtain their FurBay store as part of their membership. They can then offer items on their ‘FurBay Store’ or their existing store, whenever they wish to whatever animal charity they want!  A win-win!

(Non-members can also shop), but special discounts and offerings are only for other members! An incentive to become a member and provide monthly revenue to that charity!

When programs benefit all parties involved, it’s called a win-win.   And raising money can be fun and rewarding!

“Helping You Help Them….That Is What We Do!”

How Do We Do This? Welcome to FurBay!

Picture for a moment, your animal charity is having a store in every town, city, state, and country in the world!

When your charity has an ‘online presence,’ you can reach the four corners of the globe…and just as important, they can reach back to YOU!

How and with what do you reach them? 

How is by using your charity’s FurBay online revenue store. (Free with charity registration.)

With what is just about anything you can imagine and what your Business and Syndicated Members want to offer to your charity’s Supporting Members! 

All members, anywhere and at any time, can offer items to benefit any FHS member!

Things such as, but not limited to:

  •  Coupons, Gift Certificates, Auctions, & Raffles
  •  Raffles, Contests, Discounts, Auctions, and more benefit all members!
  • Service items – you name it! (Restaurants; spas; B&B’s; vacations, cruises, etc.
  • Holiday specials! Special Events! Gift Packages!
  • And, for emergency animal charity’s needs!

You CAN make raising more revenue – Fun and Rewarding!

Where Do I Start and Where Do I Find Members For My Charity?

Don’t panic! No worries! We have provided tabs and links to various subjects that will answer your questions one by one. Too much information on one page makes it hard to understand, so we have tried to make our pages easy to read and understand by breaking them down into more direct responses to questions. Visit our FAQ’s for some questions and also our Tips & Ideas section for ideas not only from us but from YOU!

And if we don’t know it and you don’t know it, we will ask our animal friends for advice because Fur Heaven’s Sake is their website anyway!  And, then, we can get back to you immediately when they tell us. After all, they got us this far, right?


How Can Our Charity Attract ‘Supporting Members?’

How Can Our Charity Attract ‘Business Members?’

Michael Vincent, Founder, CEO

Fur Heaven’s Sake, “A Friend To All Animals”