Our Mission is to ‘Help You Help Them’!

Animal Charities need new revenue platforms to help raise more money! Our fundraising programs are free!

For non-profit animal charities and organizations, our FurBay platform will raise more revenue for community animal charities, increase sales for Business Members, and offer animal charity supporters in your community and beyond, mutually beneficial ways to help our animal friends globally.

Our FurBay format makes helping animals rewarding in new ways that are fun and beneficial to all!

If you love animals and want to help them, then take a few minutes to understand how our programs work.

And then tell the animal charities in your community about our FurBay programs! Thank you.

What is FurBay?

what is furbay

“All God’s Creatures, Great & Small…”

FurBay is ALL about animals!  Furbay is NOT about competing with eBay, Amazon, Etsy, Shopify, or any other online marketplace. FurBay is dedicated to helping animals, anywhere, everywhere, and at any time!

FurBay offers free fundraising programs for animal charities and organizations in communities and counties everywhere!

Community animal charities register for free with FurBay to be able to receive funds from supporters.

FurBay Business Members dedicate a portion of every sale to the charity of their choice; and animal lovers everywhere have fun shopping for products they need, knowing that a portion of each purchase goes to support the charities they love.

Our journey in life takes us all in different directions and as humans, we often have choices. Our animal friends do not,…unless we give them one!

How Does FurBay Work?

Three Basic Ways FurBay Raises Revenue!


I. Charity Memberships – are FREE and are required for a charity to receive funds through various Furbay revenue sources.

II. Supporting Memberships – People can support the animal charity of their choice for $20 a month. Your charity gets 100% of these monthly dues. (200 members X $20 = $4,000 monthly)

III. Business Memberships – Businesses in communities can support not only the animal charity of choice but offer items in their membership FurBay store to benefit ‘any animal charity’ anywhere in the world!

IV. Business or Personal existing online stores already are ‘perfect’ potential business members for adding a FurBay store! Expand their market by appealing to a whole world of animal lovers!

Offering some of the existing inventory they already have and putting them in their FurBay store is a perfect fit. Being able to ‘link’ to their other online stores is an added plus!

You do not have to be a member to shop on FurBay! But occasional special discounts and offerings by Animal Charity members and by our Business Members may be offered only for FurBay members!

These may include ‘Raffle Items’ from time to time which is always a fun way to raise revenue! And, an additional incentive to become a member and provide monthly revenue to charity!

Two: Your Animal Charity’s FurBay Store!

As your charity’s memberships grow, so will your revenue from each of them! As mentioned above, your Supporting Members monthly dues are only $20 a month! Your charity receives all (100%) each month.  (Ex: 200 members @ $20 = $4,000 monthly; 300=$6,000, and so on.

But now, animal charities can add revenue by selling items in their own FurBay store they get for Free when they register!

a) Charities with existing Gift Stores already have inventory they can put on FurBay – and reach more people thereby increasing sales revenue!

b) The charity’s Supporting Members can bring items they wish to sell and put them in the charity’s FurBay store also! Profits can be negotiated with charity.

c) Raising more revenue can be fun and rewarding!  Gift Certificates, Auctions, & Raffles & More! (See our FAQs and Posts of Interest for ideas!)

Three: Your Business Members FurBay stores!

FurBay Business Members register under an animal charity in their community or county! (preferably and whenever possible)

They receive their FurBay store upon registration, and when they place items for sale in their FurBay store, an optional percentage of their sales will go to the animal charity they registered under!

(Note: All our members who have a FurBay store can also offer items to raise revenue for other animal charities as desired. Emergency needs from disasters, storms, rescues, etc. are good examples fur using FurBay stores to help raise money for those in need. Our goal is to help animals wherever they may be!

What is Cause Marketing?

‘Cause Marketing’is when companies, community businesses, and societal (community) causes, successfully collaborate on a strategic, and mutually beneficial commercial effort, they can make a difference in tackling a societal problem and generate loyalty, attention, and patronage from consumers, employees, investors, and community leaders.

Cause Marketing – is how FurBay programs work!

All of us, as animal lovers and advocates, have strong emotional connections to help animals. Using our FurBay programs will help you do that in a way that benefits you as members and also benefits the animal charities in your community and beyond.

Big or small, everyone can benefit from using ’cause marketing’ strategies for their businesses, consumers, and supporters in your communities!

“FurBay programs mean all our members benefit!
Our Animal Charity members, they’re Supporting Members and the Community Business members!   
And the animals we all want to help, are waiting for us.” 

“I am the voice of the voiceless…

Through me, the mute shall speak,

’til the deaf world’s ear

be made to hear….the cry

 of the wordless weak.”

“The World’s Need”
by Ella Wheeler Wilco