FurBay Animal Charity Memberships Are Free!

FurBay’s primary goal is to provide additional revenue for community animal organizations – anywhere in the world!
Community shelters struggle daily to obtain income for their often overlooked organizations that are rescuing and saving lives!
As an animal charity member, you have a free online FurBay Revenue Store. Use it to enjoy more revenue!

Three Main Revenue Sources For Community Animal Charities
I: Supporting Members in your community – or anywhere!

Your Supporting Members can be from anywhere in the world, but hopefully, many will be from your community and county area.

Supporting Memberships are $20 a month. All monthly dues every month go to the animal charity supporters registered under.

As an example, only 200 members @ $20 a month will generate $4,000 a month to your charity! 100% of supporting membership dues go to the charity they registered under!   (See Charity Revenue Potential)


II. Your Second Source of Revenue Will Be Your Business Members:

Revenue can come from any or all of FHS’s FurBay Business Members!

Businesses in your community and county areas can become FurBay Business Members for only $20 a month!

They receive their FurBay online store with their subscription to Fur Heaven’s Sake’s business membership program!

Now, they can offer their products or services, dedicate a percentage or donation if you will, to any animal charity, anywhere, anytime!




III. The Charity’s own FurBay store sales – 100% Profit!

FurBay can be your FREE online Gift Store if you will. Your supporters already bring you items now. Expand your market!


All the profits from items sold in your FurBay store will also go to your charity every month! As mentioned, benefits from items or services your supporters provide will depend on the arrangement your charity makes with them. Your charity can set the terms and the minimum amount required, etc.

Please note: While it is beneficial to have non-members or the ‘general public’ shop on FurBay to raise revenue, they may not always be ‘eligible’ for occasional benefits. Discounts, coupons, gift certificates, or raffles that our animal charities or business members may offer from time to time.

Each charity decides how they want to provide these items and events.

FurBay gives your community businesses mutually beneficial reasons to help your animal charity because, in doing so, they benefit themselves too! See Business Member Benefits!

Your animal charity and your business members can reach out to a world of animal lovers….and they can reach back to you!

Anyone who loves animals and can afford $20 a month, can become a Supporting Member or a Business Member for an animal charity in your community! Chances are you will get the value of that $20 or more back with the benefits of being a member. And, you helped save some of our furry friends along the way!

Additional Reasons To Become A FurBay Member

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