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Founder, Creator, of Fur Heaven's Sake & FurBay.org FurBay is an eCommerce marketplace that is community-based and globally accessed. Everyone benefits due to its 'Cause marketing' concept and structure.
2 Feb, 2021

What Is Cause Marketing?

By |2021-04-17T13:13:10-07:00February 2, 2021|Categories: Blog, FAQ, Posts of Interest|

Cause Marketing Is The Beginning Of Something Good! Although FurBay is about helping animal organizations, it is ALSO about supporting communities! If we help support each other in our communities, we all benefit. In communities, people share common values, common interests, and common goals.Online shopping is a way [...]

3 Jan, 2021

Why Is FurBay Unique?

By |2021-03-30T11:59:40-07:00January 3, 2021|Categories: Blog, Posts of Interest|

Let me be clear on my purpose for FurBay. We are NOT trying to compete with any other online eCommerce marketplace. Some of these online venues do allow very small donations to be made with your purchase, to an animal charity, which is commendable. But, do those contributions go to [...]

20 Oct, 2020

FurBay, Community Memberships & Beyond!

By |2021-01-29T16:44:11-08:00October 20, 2020|Categories: Blog|

The simple truth is many people tend to overlook their local animal shelters and organizations when it comes to donating because most community animal shelters don't have the money or means to compete with national organizations vying for donations.  Smaller local animal charities are not able to compete for dollars [...]

10 Jul, 2020

FurBay Pricing Is Open!

By |2020-12-19T12:40:29-08:00July 10, 2020|Categories: Blog|

Open Pricing Provides A Mutually Beneficial Marketplace   One - FurBay is NOT just for offering items or services at a discount.  It provides our FurBay members the financial means to 'mutually benefit' while helping their community animal charities.  If members can make a profit and draw in new customers [...]

4 Jul, 2020

$ Fun For Funds $

By |2021-01-02T15:51:10-08:00July 4, 2020|Categories: Posts of Interest|

FurBay provides the ability to utilize all of our assets as animal lovers, businesses in communities supporting their communities, and our combined network of social media outlets.

23 Jun, 2020

Getting Started!

By |2021-03-12T14:30:17-08:00June 23, 2020|Categories: Help|

 Let's Get Your Charity Raising Revenue!   Starting something new can sometimes be intimidating, depending on what the project might be. But usually, after a few steps in the right direction, things become easier to understand and perform. And, when you do, FurBay will provide your charity more [...]

20 Jun, 2020

Profitable Ways Businesses Benefit

By |2021-02-24T15:38:10-08:00June 20, 2020|Categories: Blog|

FurBay, Your Community, and You! One of the reasons FurBay was created was because almost every charity in communities asks for donations throughout the year. We wish we could help them all, but, it's not possible to donate to all of them when 100% comes out of your profit margin. [...]

16 Jun, 2020

Revenue Potential For Animal Charities

By |2021-04-23T14:57:31-07:00June 16, 2020|Categories: Blog|

 FurBay ~ Helping Community Animal CharitiesTo borrow a phrase, 'it takes a village,' and perhaps that's true when it comes to helping our animal friends as well. FurBay is community-focused but globally empowered!"FurBay is about helping communities compete with larger animal organizations. FurBay is not about competing with established online [...]

20 May, 2020

Offering Gift Certificates (d)

By |2020-06-23T16:39:40-07:00May 20, 2020|Categories: Blog|

Gift Certificates - All Year Long! FurBay's purpose is to provide animal charities the opportunity to raise increased revenue all year long! Holidays present a perfect time to buy someone a gift..and..support community animal charities at the same time. FurBay Animal Charities & Business Members can offer Gift Certificates [...]

12 May, 2020

Raffles! Use ‘Em Or Lose ‘Em!

By |2021-05-24T14:24:40-07:00May 12, 2020|Categories: Blog|

  Raffles Are A Great Source Of Revenue! As A Non-Profit, Take Advantage Of Whatever Options Your State Laws Allow! IF YOUR CHARITY CAN OFFER RAFFLES ONLINE, IT MAY BE A GOOD SOURCE OF REVENUE! As a FurBay Animal Charity Member, you have an online revenue store, FurBay, to reach [...]

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