what is furbayYes, they can!  When a business registers under the animal charity of their choice, that allows them to offer items or services to not only that charity, but all animal charities registered in our FurBay program anywhere in the world!

Registered Business Members are connected with all our FurBay members. And whenever they want to offer something to help that charity with some revenue needs or emergencies, they can!

How?  Business Members have their FurBay store to list as many items as they want to help any of our Animal Charity Members, anywhere. They indicate in the items they list information about who and where that charity is located.

All FurBay shoppers can see the article and who it is helping!

Shoppers can help any animal charity they wish as long as that charity is registered with us. If not, tell them to register for free and begin earning revenue!

All our memberships are accessible not only to each other but to the general public shopping on FurBay. Non-member shoppers are helping animals also when they purchase an item!

FurBay is a win-win for everyone and especially for our animal friends in need!