2 Feb, 2021

What Is Cause Marketing?

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Cause Marketing Is The Beginning Of Something Good! Although FurBay is about helping animal organizations, it is ALSO about supporting communities! If we help support each other in our communities, we all benefit. In communities, people share common values, common interests, and common goals.Online shopping is a way [...]

3 Jan, 2021

Why Is FurBay Unique?

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Let me be clear on my purpose for FurBay. We are NOT trying to compete with any other online eCommerce marketplace. Some of these online venues do allow very small donations to be made with your purchase, to an animal charity, which is commendable. But, do those contributions go to [...]

4 Jul, 2020

$ Fun For Funds $

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FurBay provides the ability to utilize all of our assets as animal lovers, businesses in communities supporting their communities, and our combined network of social media outlets.

10 May, 2020


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TYPES OF MEMBERSHIPS                              I:   As a FurBay Charity Member, your charity will have its own free - FurBay Revenue Store. II:  FurBay Business Members, anywhere in the world, can offer items or services for our [...]

26 Mar, 2020

Communities, Businesses & FurBay

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Businesses Benefit By Helping Their Community Animal Organizations 1. Business Member Benefits & Profits! 2. Animal lovers in your community shopping your stores. 3. Visitors shop businesses with common causes, online & off! 4.  Increased customer awareness and appreciation. 5. Search engine optimization (SEO); social media exposure. 6.  Reach animal [...]

8 Feb, 2020

How To Obtain Items For Your Charity!

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Animal Charity FurBay Stores - A Fun Way To Raise Revenue! Animal Charity's FurBay Stores - can display any item or service offerings from anyone wanting to help that charity! When the terms for the offerings are determined, items are listed on the charity's FurBay store. If [...]

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