Your Animal Charity Is Already Known In Your Community.

All you have to do is let your community know you now have an online store called FurBay and how it works!

Let them know right up front that FurBay benefits everyone that uses it. Your charity, your supporters, and your community businesses.

Where to begin?  Below you will find some suggestions to help get the word out about your charity’s FurBay store and what it can do for your community.



It may take a little time and effort to get started, but FurBay is not a short term fix for revenue.  However, it will be an ongoing and long-lasting source of revenue with minimal effort once your community knows of it.

Some easy steps to begin with that:

1) Your Chamber of Commerce business meetings, breakfast gatherings, where you can talk to many of your community’s business members in one place!  Do more than once when you can!

2) Your Public Service Announcements media outlets; TV, Radio, newspapers, local magazines, flyers at certain community events, including 4-H Clubs, Future Farmers of America clubs, and so on. Any event, club, or group that works with, advocates for, or supports animal welfare are contacts that need to know FurBay exists! If they don’t help promote for free, their ad costs should be at an affordable rate.

3) Almost everyone ‘knows someone’ who owns or manages a business in your community or county. We include ‘county also‘ because many, if not all, animal shelters are held responsible for or volunteer to help animals countywide! But from my experience, when it comes to raising money outside the main town or city in a given area, animal organizations are often overlooked.

Tell them how will help animals in your community and county ‘while benefitting their business!’  You may want to print out some copies from our business benefit pages for handouts to drop off to them.   FurBay Business Member Benefits!

4) Use your animal charity’s media assets such as email, blogs, newsletters, and social media, to introduce and promote. If you have a newsletter, mention it every month you mail it out. If you have a website, advertise your charity’s FurBay store with a link to our website where visitors can read what those benefits are and how they can help animals by enjoying them!

5) The more people in your community learn about how FurBay benefits them, the more likely they are to become members! Invite them to visit your FurBay Store and see what items or services are being offered to them by your supporters and your Business Members!

6) And then you have the almost limitless potential of social media at your fingertips. Your FurBay Store is based in your community, but remember, Anyone, anywhere, can shop your store’s items. And animal lovers anywhere can also offer your charity items or services to sell on your FurBay Store! (Think social media connections, friends, and animal groups!)

Your charity’s FurBay store can reach out to the world of animal lovers like never before, and they can reach back!