Cause Marketing Is The Beginning Of Something Good!

Although FurBay is about helping animal organizations, it is ALSO about supporting communities! If we help support each other in our communities, we all benefit. In communities, people share common values, common interests, and common goals.

Online shopping is a way of life that has hurt many community businesses around the world. The internet is one of those ‘good/bad ‘ things in some respects.



“FurBay is about animals, to be sure. But, FurBay is also about benefitting all of us. And, that begins in our communities.”

FurBay is not competing with other online stores! FurBay uses successful ’cause marketing techniques that unite our communities in common goals, providing benefits to all its’ members, animal charities, supporters, businesses, and those who love animals.


FurBay provides community businesses the increased ability

to reach a world of animal lovers everywhere!

And, the animal lovers of the world can reach back…