FurBay Means Dollars & Sense (done-needs fusion)

FurBay Means Dollars & Sense (done-needs fusion)2020-07-04T14:15:57-07:00

How FurBay Benefits Your Charity, Business Members, and Supporters!

 1.  Free memberships for animal charities!  All other types are ‘almost free’ at only $20 a month!

2.  Supporting Members monthly revenues go the animal charity they registered under.

Only 200 members x $20 a month is a revenue increase for a charity of

              Relationship Marketing Benefits Everyone!

$4000 a month!

(This monthly revenue does not include income from your Business Members FurBay offerings!)

3.  Net profits from all items or services a Business Member offers, go to the charity member designated.

4. The cost of items or services can be covered, and some profit, if needed, by the person or

business offering these items or services.  The charity receives the balance.

5. The general public (non-members) can shop on all FurBay stores anywhere in the world

because purchasing an item helps a FurBay animal charity.

5a)  However, non-members who want to list items or services to sell must offer them to one

of their community animal charities that are registered with Fur Heaven’s Sake and have a FurBay Charity Store.

This process allows animal charities in smaller communities to compete to some degree with larger organizations.

6. If a person or business wishes to designate an item to benefit a charity elsewhere, they can do so by becoming a Business Member and using their FurBay store to do so.


Here is just one example of how our FurBay program will raise more revenue for your charity and make everyone happy while doing it!

Charity Business Member:  (a jewelry store, for example) offers a watch benefit an animal charity.  The jeweler wants cost plus $100 profit from the sale of the watch.

Retail Value of Watch/Selling Price   $500
Wholesale Cost: Business cost   $200
Jewelers profit: Wants  $100 profit   $100
Listed Item – (RESERVE PRICE)   $300
Option A: Watch listed for $400 on FurBay / Charity makes $100 profit. $100
Option B: Watch listed for full retail value $500. Charity makes $200 profit $200

                                                                                                                                   (I WOULD LIKE IMAGE ON RIGHT SIDE OF THE GRAPH ABOVE 

In this example, the jeweler covered costs and made the desired profit; the charity makes its profit when the item sells.

More than just one watch available? Better yet!

Who else benefits?  All Furheaven’s Sake members, anywhere in the world that enjoy shopping,

buying, bidding, or selling on your charity’s FurBay store – or their own.

What if your charity’s business vendors offered only 100 items like this a year?   100 X $200 = $ 20,000 a year! 



Remember, this revenue is above and beyond the charity’s monthly membership dues from their supporting members!

Also remember, if your charity has only 200 members, times $20 a month = $4,000 a month. $4000 a month X 12 months = $48,000 yr!

This example is not a hard goal to achieve by any means. Even small communities have at least 200 people who love animals.

And, a handful of Business Members can easily offer 100 items or services from their business in an entire year.


Let your Supporting Members be your marketing force!  They, too, will enjoy being able to profit by helping you – help them!

For more information on how to get started, visit our FAQ’s & Tips.


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