As a FurBay Animal Charity Member, you can reach out to potential businesses and supporters in your community or county area.

You want to invite anyone who might become one of your Supporting Members when they register under your animal charity.

Monthly fees are only $20 a month, of which your animal charity receives the full monthly fee of $20 USD per member, per month.

Businesses in your community need to register with our FurBay program to acquire their FurBay store. They select only one animal charity to register with but can help others also if they desire.

Your community animal charities will benefit from these Business Members when they list items to sell and offer ‘donations or commissions’ to one or more of your community animal charities.

Animal charities need to be registered with FurBay as a member to receive funds.

Invitations these days are almost limitless and can be formal or casual, but they need to be ‘informative‘ why you are sending them!

        • Tell recipients why you are contacting them and provide links to your animal charity AND to
        • You are FREE to copy and paste, paraphrase, or summarize the ‘Benefits To Businesses’ by joining you and FurBay! Or easier yet, send them the page links to articles already on our website as to how they benefit!
        • Utilize your local radio, tv, news media, magazines, and social media outlets to invite everyone to see how “Cause Marketing” principles used by FurBay benefits everyone in the community!
        •  Attend community civic and business groups or clubs, such as your Chamber of Commerce Breakfast meetings!  Hand out flyers or your ‘invitations’ like the ones you sent out to others! A great place to get the word out – and – stress that this isn’t just about your animal charity! It’s about their businesses and your community as a whole.

It’s hard for anyone to not be motivated by their love for animals, or their community, their business, and their community!