Answer: Depending on the items being sold on the charity’s FurBay Revenue Store, shipping and delivery are done as most common online stores already do.

Items that can be emailed or digitally delivered, such as coupons, gift certificates, raffle tickets, etc. are easily done that way.

Items that need mailing or shipping, the buyer is responsible for those costs, unless otherwise stipulated in the sale of the item.

Some large items such as furniture or appliances or other large items, where the cost of shipping is prohibitive, sellers usually stipulate a “local pickup and delivery” in their items listings.

This simply means that anyone interested in this item is responsible for arranging their own pickup of the item where it is located.  Usually within driving distance is the norm for such items.

(If an item only needs to be mailed at regular postage costs, it is standard to either send the item at no cost or charge a small handling charge. Sellers discretion applies.)