FurBay’s online software provides the ability to offer ticket sales to just your community or wherever you are allowed to reach.

Follow your state or country’s laws on providing raffles to your community, state, or online possibilities as the law allows. People love having a chance to win something, especially if they know the cost of participating is going for a good cause. In other words, if you don’t win the raffle, you still won a ‘good feeling’ knowing you helped that cause.

That said, if online raffles through your animal charity are allowable, there are so many beautiful ways to raise money for your animal charity.

Items and or services such as art pieces, jewelry, home decor, sporting goods, fishing trips, bed & breakfast trips, we could go on forever almost with beautiful ideas.





Here is just one link to Legal Zoom regarding online raffles, and is not intended to be the sole reference for anyone to use. We highly recommend consulting with your legal advisors, tax consultants, and all state statutes that may apply to your charity. Online Raffles

**FurBay or Fur Heaven’s Sake offers no legal advice or recommendations to any non-profit organization as various state laws determine the legality of raffles in respective states. Any inference or interpretation Fur Heaven’s Sake or FurBay.org suggests other than following applicable laws are denied.**