All members who are registered with Fur Heaven’s Sake,  to include all the types of memberships we offer, are eligible for any of the items, services, coupons, gift certificates, etc. by any of our members, on any of our FurBay member’s stores.

Please note, however, each of our animal charity members ‘reserve the right’ to occasionally limit universal access to some offerings and keep an item limited for their members.

Examples might be that only a limited number of say ‘coupons or gift certificates’ offered by a business in their community. Or, individual charities may offer from time to time ‘Raffle events’ to reward their charity’s members for their monthly support.

And there are times that these charities and their Business Member supporters will provide items that benefit local shelters and communities more than someone on the other side of the globe.


But, generally speaking, all members are eligible to benefit from our member’s offerings on their FurBay online stores!  Our members also are able to offer any of our members, items that will help them raise revenue, no matter where they are!

For more details on our members benefits, see our Membership pages.