10 May, 2020

Types Of Memberships We Offer

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WE OFFER THREE TYPES OF MEMBERSHIPS                              I:   FurBay Charity Member, your charity will have its own free - FurBay Revenue Store. II:   FurBay Business Members anywhere in the world can offer items or services to [...]

12 Feb, 2020

How Do We Get Started?

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We all know the age-old expression "taking that first step is always the hardest."  Many of us also know that once we do, it's not as bad as we thought. The more steps we take the more we learn and before long our apprehensions often disappear as we can see [...]

8 Feb, 2020

Invitations To Your Community!

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As a FurBay Animal Charity Member, you can reach out to potential businesses and supporters in your community or county area. You want to invite anyone who might become one of your Supporting Members when they register under your animal charity. Monthly fees are only $20 a month, of which [...]

31 Dec, 2018

What Is Relationship Marketing?

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Relationship Marketing is a term used to describe marketing concepts, that allows all parties to benefit from supporting a common goal. It is also associated in concept with 'Cause Marketing.' I provide both these definitions for you to bring the importance of utilizing these concepts to your communities! There [...]

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