Helping Our Animal Friends Is Serious Business!   But We Can Have Fun Doing It!

FurBay provides the ability to utilize all of our assets as animal lovers, businesses in communities supporting their communities, and our combined network of social media outlets.

For example, if just one of your animal charity supporters has two hundred social media friends, and each of those friends also has two hundred friends. That’s 40,000 contacts! 

These ‘contacts’ can be your animal charity supporters and our Business Member’s shoppers!

How many animal lovers can your charity reach in your community and beyond?  With FurBay, you can now reach a world of supporters!


Some Ideas For Having Fun While Helping Our Animal Friends!

I:  RAFFLES! Everyone loves raffles, and animal charity nonprofits can offer them. Your FurBay Business Members can provide them! Animal charity supporters everywhere can enjoy them! And, FurBay provides a worldwide platform to offer them, when possible.

2: PRIZES & REWARDS! Business Members supporting animal charities can help one and all as they choose, at any time. If your charity wants to offer a prize or reward for helping your charity meet a need, having your community Business Members help provide the affordability is now mutually beneficial! See Profitable Ways Business Benefits!


3: INCENTIVES! Members-only coupons, discounts, and exclusive offerings!   Give your Supporting Members reasons to support you.


(The general public or non-members are always welcome on Furbay!) But now and then, offering some special incentives to those who are your monthly supporting members is a nice way of saying ‘thank you’ for their monthly membership fees.

4:  Mutually Beneficial To Everyone! Whether you are a FurBay member of some type or just shopping on it, helps animals anywhere in the world!  Everyone mutually benefits, especially our animal friends.

By creating ‘community-based, mutually beneficial relationships provide long-term benefits, not just sporadic, hit or miss, fundraisers.


“FurBay – Fun For You…and Beneficial For Them!”

“Life should be happy for us all….”



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