“It’s Never Been More Beneficial To Be Kind To Animals!”

Who wouldn’t want to help your community animal shelters and organizations if you could benefit by doing so? FurBay is ‘community-oriented’ in concept, but global in reach!

As a Business Member, you will have an online FurBay Business Store!

Registering your business under your favorite animal charity is how you begin. When you do, you have opened up a global market to animal organizations and their supporters, worldwide!

Offer as many items or services as you please, price them as you please, full price or discounted, as you so choose. And when you do offer a discount, you are helping your community animal shelters save lives.

You can be as big or as small a part of this great opportunity as you wish, and you can benefit financially accordingly.  No requirements or minimum offerings for our members!

For $20 a month, you help your community in several ways, expand your markets, promote your business, increase profits, and support animals all at the same time.


FurBay Benefits For Businesses!

Here is just one example of how our FurBay program will raise more revenue for your charity and make everyone happy while doing it!


Charity Business Member, a jewelry store, offers a watch on FurBay to benefit an animal charity.  The jeweler wants cost plus $100 profit from the sale.

Retail Value of Watch/Selling Price   $500
Wholesale Cost: Business cost   $200
Jewelers profit: Wants  $100 profit   $100
Listed Item – (RESERVE PRICE)   $300
Option A: Watch listed for $400 on FurBay / Charity makes $100 profit. $100
Option B: Watch listed for full retail value $500. Charity makes $200 profit $200



A ReCap Of Benefits For Businesses

  • As a FurBay Business Member, you can reach out to animal lovers around the world, and they reach back to your FurBay store!
  • Everyone can shop in our FurBay marketplace! You don’t have to be a FurBay member to buy in your store!
  • Business memberships are only $20 a month!
  • If you already have an online store, as a Business Member, you can Syndicate it with us for only $20 a month more!
  • Vendors can offer a limitless amount of goods and services on their FurBay stores at any time!
  • Most charities can offer drawings, contests, and Raffles! Business vendors can provide these items and make money!