The simple truth is many people tend to overlook their local animal shelters and organizations when it comes to donating because most community animal shelters don’t have the money or means to compete with national organizations vying for donations.  Smaller local animal charities are not able to compete for dollars against tv ads, magazines, and other social media marketing tools large animal charities use every day.

Supporting animals anywhere is fine and FHS is not suggesting anyone stop doing that. But, too easily overlooked are local community animal shelters, spaying groups or numerous other rescue groups that DESPERATELY need support, financial and otherwise.

Helping You Help Them is what Fur Heaven’s Sake is all about. We provide revenue programs that can benefit ALL animal organizations, anywhere, anytime and perpetuate that support by making our programs beneficial to ALL! 

As you read about our FurBay program and how it benefits everyone that uses it, you will understand more fully how you can enjoy more than ever, helping our animal friends because you will benefit by doing so!

Become a member today of your local animal charity and enjoy being able to see your membership benefits benefit animals….at home…or abroad.

4 Ways Your Business Benefits By Giving Back To Your Community!