Open Pricing Provides A Mutually Beneficial Marketplace


OneFurBay is NOT just for offering items or services at a discount.  It provides our FurBay members the financial means to ‘mutually benefit’ while helping their community animal charities.  If members can make a profit and draw in new customers to their online store or their brick and mortar store, that is how FurBay is designed to function.

TwoBusiness Members helping animal charities in their communities benefit not only with profits, but P.R, networking, and community appreciation, and support for their businesses.

ThreeOpen pricing allows our business members flexibility in offering a wide variety of ways to clear inventory, offer sales, coupons, gift certificates, and advertising new products.

FourFurBay Business Members are free to offer items in any way they like. True, our purpose is to help our community animal organizations, and we do that by allowing everyone to benefit in reaching those goals.

For example, If you want to offer an item or service to benefit an animal charity, especially in your community, that is encouraged to do as often as possible, of course. And allowing you to benefit financially provides incentives for you to offer them throughout the year!

There are three basic ways to offer items on your FurBay store:

a) Donate total profits from item;                                                 

b) Cover your cost of the item, donate the rest;       

c) Cover your cost, make a profit, donate the rest.



Five – Animal lovers shopping your FurBay store will appreciate your supporting animals, especially in their communities, and also enjoy being rewarded with incentives to shop your store in the first place.

In return, buying an item they like at full price is their way of saying ‘thank you’ for being a FurBay member!

Bonus:  Offer some items with a discount for ‘FurBay” members anywhere in the world, and enjoy the increased awareness of your business!

Register today and begin helping animals in your community!