Some Guidelines To Get Your Charity Raising Revenue!

Starting something new can sometimes be intimidating, depending on what the project might be.  After the first few steps in the right direction, things become easier to understand and perform.

We offer some suggestions that should help you with these first steps, and we will continue to be here whenever you may have a question or require our help.

We will be posting new FAQs, marketing tips, and suggestions as we get them.  Feel free to ask YOUR questions at any time, and together, we will get your charity in a position to raise more money and support for your animal organizations!

Unless you are a large animal charity already with existing marketing staff to implement these steps, we emphasize lining up your charity’s supporters and members you can count on to get the ball rolling.

Offering incentives to people is a great way to motivate others to help you, and here are a few suggestions. Allow a profit incentive or other rewards when they bring in items, services, or new Business Members to register with your charity! (See Step Four below).

Follow our guidelines and steps to setting up your charity’s revenue programs, and it will become easier to do than you might think!





STEP ONE:   Register your animal charity for free.

STEP TWO: When you register your charity, you get your FurBay online store. You can use it as much or as little as you like. Use your FurBay store to offer items and services to your members and the general public! You can offer ‘exclusive items‘ now and then for just your ‘Supporting Members‘ (those who pay monthly dues) as an incentive for more to join your charity!


  • Step Three: Your Business Members will also have their FurBay store when they register under your charity.  Now they are registered with ALL our charity members everywhere. The general public, all FurBay members, anywhere can access and shop our member stores at any time!

In the beginning, you can concentrate on recruiting Supporting Members and Business Members and let the business members and your supporters build a revenue inventory for you!


  • Step Four: When your Supporting Members (not your Business Members) bring you items to offer on your charity’s FurBay store, offer them the option of sharing profits when these items sell. Again, if everyone benefits, even a little, it increased the benefits for your charity and them!

Memberships are only $20 a month, and some of your members may want to bring you resellable items to recoup their membership fees, and if so, this is a rewarding way for them to do it! Your charity will gain more revenue from sales when they do!

Some will donate items fully as they do when charities have Gift Stores to raise money. But, whatever amount your charity and they agree upon, the remaining profits go to your charity.

Note:  Some animal charities already have a Gift Store with donated items to sell. Now you can do the same using your FurBay store to expand your market reach anywhere in the world!

Where does your charity obtain items to put on their FurBay Charity Store?  Click here.