Animal Charity FurBay Stores – A Fun Way To Raise Revenue!

Animal Charity’s FurBay Stores – can display any item or service offerings from anyone wanting to help that charity!

When the terms for the offerings are determined, items are listed on the charity’s FurBay store. If the supplier wants a ‘reserve price’ when the item sells, the supplier receives the agreed-upon amount and the charity receives the balance. (Neither FHS nor FurBay receives any percentage of these sales!)

Typically there are four ways to list items:

  • Fixed price;
  • Auction;
  • Discounts with coupons or gift certificates;
  • Raffles.

II. Let your Supporting Members, the general public, and your community know they can bring ‘worthwhile’, not junk items to you. If your animal charity has a ‘Gift Store’ already, you are halfway there! Usually, these items are donated so you can place them on your FurBay store and make a 100% profit!

When recruiting new members for your charity, your FurBay is an easy way for them to earn their $20 a month back!

III. If your charity is small and you are already short-handed, find one of your members to run your FurBay store for you and give them some financial incentive to do so.

They may not want it, but if they do, offering 10-20% of profits from items sold would be an excellent way to attract support.

Once you have your FurBay store up and running, offering items, services, coupons, gift certificates, and raffles, you will be amazed at how much fun raising money can be!

You will also increase your $20 a month memberships, and together with store revenue, you will be well on your way to the increased monthly income you can count on!

Why FurBay Is Good For Animal Charities and Communities: