Let me be clear on my purpose for FurBay. We are NOT trying to compete with any other online eCommerce marketplace. Some of these online venues do allow very small donations to be made with your purchase, to an animal charity, which is commendable.

But, do those contributions go to your local community’s animal charities?

Probably not, and I understand why that is hard to do.

Most donations go to large national animal organizations, ASPCA, HSUS, and others. And that is perfectly fine. They do wonderful work and need revenue to do it. But, so do our local animal charities!

FurBay was created to help community animal shelters and organizations!  Instead of only  .5%, 1%, or slightly more from your purchase on most online stores, FurBay allows Sellers to give whatever percentage of an item to the animal charity of their choice!

Twenty percent? 30% percent? Maybe on some items, even 50%! That is the flexibility that FurBay offers to its members!

In fact, town and city businesses have found an increasing challenge in competing with online marketplaces, and easy to understand why. I was raised to support local businesses FIRST before buying elsewhere. Doing so meant you supported your COMMUNITY, the people within, and the economy and jobs it provided.

Although FurBay is about helping animal organizations, it is ALSO about supporting communities! FurBay is ‘mutually beneficial’ and its premise is based on Cause Marketing.

“It’s time we come back to our communities, and support our local businesses when we can.  We share similar values and similar goals in our communities. We care what happens to all of us, and to each of us. And, that should include the animals that live in our communities too!

We can STILL reach out to the world, but we can do it while benefitting ourselves. FurBay is about animals, to be sure. But, FurBay is also about all of us. And, that begins in our communities.”

Michael Vincent, Founder, Creator, Fur Heaven’s Sake