Already have an online store? Then syndicate it!

  • For a few dollars a month you can support your animal charity and reach new markets.
  • Offer your online store items to our FurBay members anywhere in the world.
  • Help an animal charity raise revenue anytime you want!
  • Cover your costs or make a profit…and still help animals anywhere, anytime!

Syndication is the most effective and inexpensive way to promote your business!

Syndication generates new traffic for the transmitting site—making syndication an easy and inexpensive form of advertisement. As search engine optimization has become an increasingly important topic among website owners and online marketers, content syndication has become a highly effective strategy for link building.” Source: Wikipedia:

If you have an online store
syndicate it with Fur Heaven’s Sake
and increase your market!

A Combo Business Member & Syndication

Becoming a Business Member on FurBay is only $20 a month with all the benefits! See FurBay Business Members!    

However, if you already have an online store, you can promote that store through your FurBay Business Membership for only $20 a month more!

Our Combo Membership means you can reach animal lovers and advocates anywhere in the world, anytime! Using our FurBay store, you can help any of our animal charity members using your FurBay store and at the same time, promote your existing store. All for only $40 a month!

Check out the example below of how placing just one item on your FurBay store from your online store anytime you wish, offers you increased income as a Combo Business Member.

For example, a jewelry business owner offers a watch (or a number of watches) to put on an animal charity’s FurBay Revenue Store. The jeweler wants cost plus $100 profit from the sale of the watch.

Retail value of watch/Selling Price $500
Watch wholesale to cover Business cost: $200
Jewelers profit:  jeweler wants a profit of $100. $100
Cost & profit needed – (RESERVE PRICE) $300
Animal Charity Receives Balance $200

As you can see, everyone benefits from our programs!  Especially – our animal friends!

This is just one example of virtually almost anything that can be offered in your FurBay store to help animals.


“Become a Business or Combo Member today. !”        (Put registration page link here when it’s ready.)