It’s Never Been More Beneficial To Be Kind To Animals!

We have three types of memberships.

I.  FurBay Charity Member – All legitimate animal charities can register for Free!  Register as a charity on our site and receive funds donated from Business Members in your community, country, or globally!  How?

When a Business Member signs up, they have to pick an animal charity of their choice to register their FurBay store.  As they add items to their stores and people buy those items, a portion of every sale (set by the Seller) goes to the charity the seller selected when they registered.

Note: Animal charities can have their own FurBay store in addition to the business members!  The charity can earn 100% of the funds from the sales made in their FurBay store! They just need to register their charity as a ‘Seller’ also and set up their FurBay store. 

II. FurBay Business Member – Community businesses can benefit from ‘Cause Marketing’ concepts to sell their products and services in their communities, country, and globally!  For only $20 a month, businesses can create an account and set up their FurBay store!  The best thing is, for every sale made they are donating to the charity they registered under.  Buyers love it because they know they are helping animals with every purchase!

III. Buyers / Supporters – Anyone can shop in our FurBay member stores anywhere in the world, and they will be helping animals wherever that store may be!

Everyone is invited and eligible to become a Supporting Member and donate a recurring $20 per month donation to the charity they register under. Important to note that as an ‘incentive’ to become a supporter for a community animal charity you choose, ‘supporting members only’ may be eligible for some special charity offerings such as raffles, special discounts, members-only items, and services, etc.

Want to help more animals or animal charities?  Anyone, at any time, can donate to as many as you like by going to our list of animal charity members!

Monthly revenue is absolutely critical for animal charities, and your monthly membership of $20 is a blessing to animals in their care!

Charity Membership

  • Available to all legally authorized animal organizations and all non-profit animal organizations
  • Earn a percentage of sales from Business Members that select your charity
  • Earn money through the Furbay Revenue Store for your charity
  • Earn money when buyers become your Supporting Member
Free Animal Charity Registration

Business Membership

  • Access to the FurBay Business Store
  • Register your Business with your Favorite Animal Charity
  • Build a Relationship with your Chosen Charity
  • Offer Items, Services, and Discounts at your Own Discretion
  • Expand your Markets, Promote you Business, Increase Profits, and support animals all at the same time
$20 per month
Business / Seller Registration

Charity Supporter Membership

  • Shop for items you need and want for yourself or as gifts
  • Choose your Favorite Charity to Support
  • Earn Special Benefits/Discounts to your Favorite Charity’s FurBay Store
  • Benefits/Discounts are provided by the Charities NOT FurHeavnesSake
Free/$20 per month
Animal Charity Supporter Registration