Gift Certificates – All Year Long!

FurBay’s purpose is to provide animal charities the opportunity to raise increased revenue all year long! Holidays present a perfect time to buy someone a community animal charities at the same time.

FurBay Animal Charities & Business Members can offer Gift Certificates any time or during holiday seasons or special events. As with other items Sellers list, Business Members (Sellers) dedicate a ‘donation’ when that item sells. Sellers designate which animal charity they wish to benefit when listing those items on their FurBay store.

All items Sellers list ‘do not have to be discounted.’

The benefits Sellers receive in return are having increased customers patronize their businesses, draw shoppers to their FurBay stores, expand their business’s community image, and customer relationships.

“A good deal for everyone and our animal friends in need….”


Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, and so on. Sometimes the best gifts are the unexpected ones…” <3


FurBay Sellers choose the amount of discount on items helping a charity. Not all items need to be discounted!

  • A business non-FurBay member can offer items such as gift certificates to a FurBay Seller to put in their store! Good ‘draw’ for everyone!
  • Holidays and gift certificates go together like kids and ice cream! Use holidays to draw customers to your FurBay store!
  • Everyone can shop in our FurBay stores! What makes FurBay unique is its dedication to helping community animal charities everywhere.
  • Business Members do not have to offer all items on FurBay as a charity donation. Some can sell at regular price and let ‘new customers’ shop!

    (Need registration page link for FurBay Business Memberships above.)  Also, a ‘membership directory’ link would be good also.