FurBay, Your Community, and You!

One of the reasons FurBay was created was because almost every charity in communities asks for donations throughout the year. We wish we could help them all, but, it’s not possible to donate to all of them when 100% comes out of your profit margin. It’s just the way it is.

So I created FurBay to help community animal charities because they are often on the bottom of the list of charities that get donations, and more often than not, need it the most.

How is FurBay different from a regular donation?  Because by becoming a member for $20 a month, you get an online store called, FurBay!


With FurBay, you can list items or services from your business to any animal charity in your community, county, state, and globally!


                See an example of how businesses benefit!

You can cover your item’s costs, or you can add some profit along with that; and you can ‘donate a commission’ to whatever animal charity is registered with Fur Heaven’s Sake, worldwide!

No, not all the items you list on FurBay have to be discounted.

As you read more of how FurBay works, you will see ‘mutually beneficial ways’ that supporting your local animal charities, offers you.  See Open Pricing! 

You can increase sales because you will reach animal lovers and advocates globally that shop on FurBay, where they know their shopping will help animals in their community, or wherever they choose!

Businesses will increase their community presence, respect, and patronage by supporting those most of us all love….animals in need of help.


“As we move forward together in our goal of helping community animal charities the world over, we will discover more ways to have fun. And, no doubt we will also discover more ways we can help our animal friends!