Our furry friends at FurBay  welcome you to their FurBay membership options that will help save more lives and provide more revenue for animal charities worldwide!

We have provided the necessary information for you to select which type of membership you want, but if you have questions, see our types of membership pages on our menu bar.  Check our FAQ’s for more details.  Or you can Contact Us as well.

Below you will see links to each type of membership.  Simply click on the link, fill out the form, and submit.

Animal charities have free memberships because they are the ones we want to help. So feel free to tell every legal animal charity you know about FurBay and our free programs for them to use to raise revenue!

All our memberships offer help to the animal charity you register under, but all animal charities, anywhere, at any time!  


I:  Animal Charities – FREE membership to all legally authorized animal organizations and all non-profit animal organizations.

If you are a non-profit or other legally licensed animal organization, you need to become a FurBay member for free! Please visit our membership description pages to see how our programs work, and how they  ‘Help You Help More Animals!’  You can begin with this oneAnimal Charity Benefits

And when you are ready, register your animal charity here:     (Stephanie may provide better ways to have various registration pages.)


II: Charity Supporter Memberships –  $20 a month goes to the animal charity you registered with to support!


It doesn’t sound like much, does it? But imagine only 200 members! That’s $4,000 a month going to your charity!


Plus, you enjoy all the benefits of FurBay, raffles, discounts, coupons, gift certificates, and more that are offered by our FurBay members worldwide!

Register today as a Supporter for your favorite community animal charity!  Charity Supporter Membership Registration!    (need registration page link here).


III:  Business Memberships – $20 a month goes to Fur Heaven’s Sake to support FurBay operations.

See our Business Membership page to see all the benefits your business can derive by supporting your community shelters!