FurBay ~ Helping Community Animal Charities

To borrow a phrase, ‘it takes a village,’ and perhaps that’s true when it comes to helping our animal friends as well. FurBay is community-focused but globally empowered!

FurBay is about helping communities compete with larger animal organizations. FurBay is not about competing with established online stores. On the contrary, they can become FurBay Members too!

FurBay is about ‘Helping You – Help Them.’ Our programs do that in a way that benefits all our members. Although serious in intent, FurBay provides ways to raise additional revenue and still have some fun doing it.

Potential Revenue for Animal Charities

Monthly membership fees for Supporting Members and Business Members, is twenty ($20) a month.

Supporting Members revenue from monthly dues: @ 100 supporting members x $20 = $2,000 ; 200 supporters @ $20 = $4,000, and so on.

Business Members revenue from items and commissions sold on their FurBay store: Example – $10 to charity per item.

Business member sells ten (10) items a month and a commission of only $10 per item = $100 a month to an animal charity.

a) Ten business members x 10 items = 100 items per month @ $10.00 per item = $1000 per month.

b) Twenty businesses @ $100 a month = $2,000 mo.

c) 30 businesses @ 100 items x $10 = $3,000 per month, and so on.

Using only ten items sold per month business member is low by any standard. Let’s remember that your local Business members’ products are presented locally within their communities, but globally to all animal lovers anywhere in the world.

“This is what FurBay is all about!”

Using these very realistic examples for potential revenue to your charity, there is NO limit to what your community and media friends can do!

IMPORTANT TO NOTE: Your animal charity can receive commissions from any FurBay member, Business, or Supporting member, anytime, and from anywhere! All members have to do is list an item, designate a percentage when the item sells, and what charity it will go to!

Plus, when drawn to your charity’s page, they can simply ‘donate’ to you when you have a donation option for them.

I’ve presented this ‘potential revenue forecast’ for your animal charity and others in your community. Even if a community business registers under a different animal charity than yours, they can ‘still help yours and other animal charity they wish’ when they list items to sell!

On the fun side of forecasting, factor in that anyone, anywhere, can help support your charity at any time!

And when we can help any animal charity, we help animals that need it!