Pricing Plans

I:  As a new eCommerce website designed to mutually benefit all its members, is a community based, but globally accessed marketplace to help animal charities and animals anywhere in the world.

To that end, our pricing plan for FurBay Business Members (Sellers), is very low and affordable for everyone. Depending on the success of this animal charity marketplace, pricing plans may vary in the months or years to come. But, will always be as low as possible, competitive with other eCommerce markets, and affordable to virtually everyone.

To begin helping your community animal shelters while benefiting as a Business Member, our memberships are only $20 a month!

II: You are encouraged to enroll or register with an animal charity in your community or area. (See our Animal Charity membership directory.) If they are not yet registered with us, ask them to register. Their memberships are FREE!

As a Business Member, you can offer items in your FurBay Store to benefit ‘any animal charity in the world’ you would like at any time. Your FurBay Store will be prominent in your community, and accessible to animal-loving shoppers worldwide!

Thank you for supporting animal charities in your community, and helping animals anywhere you wish to do so.

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