TYPES OF MEMBERSHIPS                             

I:   As a FurBay Charity Member, your charity will have its own free – FurBay Revenue Store.

II:  FurBay Business Members, anywhere in the world, can offer items or services for our animal charity members – anytime!

III: All FurBay Supporting Members, benefit by being eligible for discounts, coupons, prizes, and raffle items on FurBay!

IV:  Syndication Members are FurBay Business Members who wish to advertise their other online stores. (This option is available on the FurBay Business Member registration page.)



Non-Members (the general public) can shop on FurBay, and when they do, they will still be supporting animals! How? Because the FurBay store items purchased are offering a percentage to the animal charity indicated on the FurBay store items listed.

Everyone will know what animal charity they are supporting and where it is when they shop on FurBay!


But non-members may not always be eligible for some discounts, coupons, charity offerings, or charity raffles, as a charity may offer! 

 Business Members of FurBay can offer items and designate just for other animal charity Supporting Members!

Why is that? Restrictions on some items or services from time to time are to provide incentives for non-members to register under an animal charity of their choice.

Monthly revenue is absolutely critical for animal charities, and your membership with them is a blessing to animals in their care!

If you can afford $20 a month, pick your community animal charity and register today!

And remember, you can still help support any other FurBay Charity member anywhere, any time!)  Being a FurBay member is a benefit to you, your community charities, and to our animal friends everywhere!