Fur Heaven's Sake

“Helping Us Help Them!”

FurBay – free revenue programs helping animal organizations help animals anywhere in the world.

“Helping Us Help Them!”

FurBay – A community-based, globally accessed revenue program helping animal organizations help animals anywhere in the world.

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Animal Charity Membership

  • Available to all legally authorized animal organizations and all non-profit animal organizations
  • Earn a percentage of sales from Business Members that select your charity
  • Earn money through the Furbay Revenue Store for your charity
  • Earn money when buyers become your Supporting Member

Business Membership

  • Access to the FurBay Business Store
  • Register your Business with your Favorite Animal Charity
  • Build a Relationship with your Chosen Charity
  • Offer Items, Services, and Discounts at your Own Discretion
  • Expand your Markets, Promote you Business, Increase Profits, and support animals all at the same time
$20 per month

Animal Charity Supporter Membership

  • Shop for items you need and want for yourself or as gifts
  • Choose your Favorite Charity to Support
  • Earn Special Benefits/Discounts to your Favorite Charity’s FurBay Store
  • Benefits/Discounts are provided by the Charities NOT FurHeavnesSake
$20 per month

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“Any program that benefits all parties involved is desirable, beneficial, profitable and sustainable. That is what ‘FurBay’ is all about…”

FurBay provides a foundation of relationships that are ‘mutually beneficial’ to animal charities, their supporters, local businesses, social media friends, and animal lovers everywhere and anywhere, all working together to benefit each other.

A Letter From Our Founder