About Furbay

What you need to know about us.

 Furbay, a community-based, globally accessed revenue program helping animal organizations help animals anywhere in the world.

'Helping You Help Them'

Animal Charities need more revenue platforms to help raise more money! Our fundraising programs are free to them!

For non-profit animal charities and organizations, our FurBay platform will raise more revenue for community animal charities, increase profits for Business Members, and offer animal charity Supporters in your community and beyond, mutually beneficial ways to help our animal friends everywhere.

Our FurBay format makes helping animals rewarding in new ways that are fun and beneficial to all!

If you love animals and want to help them, take a few minutes to understand how our programs work.

Then tell the animal charities in your community about our FurBay programs! Thank you.

Getting Started Using Furbay - Tips are in our FAQs section and can give you steps to take in making Furbay known in your community and your supporters! Many of these you are already doing!

Animal lovers want to help animal charities help animals. Let them know they can also benefit by helping your community charities and businesses!

Businesses Benefit By Helping Animals!

FurBay Business & Artist Members simply add a 'Furbay' category to their ecommerce store ! They list items or services they wish to offer to help animals in their community or anywhere in the world in that category so shoppers know where to find them.

Our members cover their costs, make a profit, and dedicate a portion of every Furbay sale to the animal charity of their choice. Our business members control their listings and what animal charity they wish to help. We encourage our business members to give at least ten-percent or more whenever possible.

Animal lovers everywhere prefer and enjoy shopping for products  knowing that a portion of each purchase goes to support the animal charities they choose and the animals they love! Everyone benefits!