Frequently Asked Questions

& 'How To' Tips!

How do business members pay the animal charity they want to help support?

The amount or percentage of the sale business members offer to an animal charity member, they are responsible for sending to that animal charity upon completion of the sale. Business members need to let the charity know they are listing an item to help them by providing the charity with a link to their website. This allows the charity to add that link and items offered to their own website, social media, and newsletters to their community!

This expands the market for you to help sell your items.
1) Charities can then advise businesses what payment gateway to use for them when item is sold.
2) The charity needs to remove that item from their website when it is sold.
3) The charity needs to know that the business member has been timely and honest in providing said donation from the sale. Failure to do so can result in the business losing membership status.

How to add the Furbay category to my existing ecommerce website?

Business members simply add 'Furbay Animal Charities' to their categories or menu on their existing eCommerce store.

There, they list what 'items or services' they want to offer and how much they are willing to donate to any animal charity that's a Furbay member.

Shoppers can shop the members entire store as they wish, but the page URL for the 'Furbay category' will be the link posted on the animal charities' websites and the Furbay website. This link is required so shoppers who want to help an animal charity can easily find those items businesses have listed for that purpose.

From there, they can shop the members eCommerce store as they choose, and all transactions are on the business members website as usual.

The amount or percentage of the sale businesses offer to an animal charity member is recommended to be at least ten-percent.

Businesses are responsible for sending to that animal charity upon completion of the sale. There are several reasons for that:
1) The charity needs to remove that item from their website when it is sold;

2) The charity needs to know that the business member has been timely and honest in providing said donation from the sale.

Failure to do so can result in the business members membership status being revoked.

What are the benefits of being a supporting member?

There are many benefits including the great personal feeling of knowing your $20 a month membership fees are helping your community animal charities help save animals every day! Being a Furbay Supporting member benefits you in several ways! Shopping discounts on Furbay items, extra Sweepstake tickets, and supporting your community businesses that are also members on Furbay!

Plus, our Furbay platform allows us to offer unlimited Sweepstakes 'for the benefit of animal charities in your community or counties. We handle the obtaining of prizes, running the sweepstakes, accounting, ticket donation sales, and reputable sweepstake formats. All our charity members need to do is help get the word out!

A big benefit is that our Furbay members can get extra Sweepstake tickets when they want to enter themselves! Profits from Furbay Sweepstakes goes back into your county and community animal charities! Sweepstakes are a Big & Fun way to raise more revenue!

Our memberships provide a steady and consistent way to bring in monthly revenue. If you love animals, choose your membership type and register today!

How to get started using Furbay?

Getting Started Tips: Let your community, social media, and supporters know about Furbay!

1)  Animal charity staff should visit a Chamber of Commerce business breakfast or meeting after registering with Furbay. This is an excellent way to be able to speak to community businesses and let them know how they can help your charity and benefit their businesses at the same time.

2)  Contact local newspapers, radio, and TV stations and ask for some free Public Service announcements. Because Furbay benefits the entire community, these media outlets have more than just 'one reason' to help promote!

3) Send newsletters to your current animal charity supporters and direct them to Furbay so they can see how they can help and also benefit! Ask them to register as a 'supporter' of a community animal charity.

4)  Because Furbay can benefit communities, ask your church to make an announcement. Why a church? Because God told us to care for all His creatures, great and small, and animal charities strive to do that.

5)  Contact your community businesses via email, form letters, or personal contact when shopping in their business!  Don’t forget  ‘service-oriented’ businesses because they can offer their services that will benefit your charity in a big way.

6)  Use your social media contacts, and ask your friends and family to use theirs letting people anywhere how they can help your animal charity! Ask them to shop in your Business members online stores. Furbay provides links to all our members eCommerce stores for easy access to the general public wherever they may be! Share these links on your animal charity website and your own personal social media! With Furbay you can reach out to the world and have the world reach back!

And finally, utilize opportunities such as community events, county fairs, and set up a booth or table at your community farmer markets on weekends! An excellent way to communicate with your community members in the town or county area! And remember, it’s easy for people to see how Furbay benefits animal charities and animals. But, it’s also easy for businesses and animal lovers to see how Furbay can help them.  

How can we get a Furbay store?

If your animal charity has items you could be selling or they have a Gift Store already, but don't have an online store, contact us and we can help you get one set up! Also important  in having one of your own, you can place the links or images of items that our Furbay Business Members and your Supporters are offering to help raise money for your charity! It's easy!

What is cause-marketing?

Furbay is based on everyone benefits by helping a common cause in your community. Animal charities have Free membership; Supporting members register under the animal charity of choice; and Businesses register with Furbay and can offer items on their existing website stores under the "Furbay Animal Charity Items" category they add to their store. These are items they are willing to donate at least ten (10%) to any of your community animal charities registered on Furbay!

Our charity members get the monthly revenue from their Supporting members. One hundred @ $20 equals $1,000 a month to that charity, Two hundred=$2,000 a month, etc. Everyone benefits, especially the animals!

How do I list items on Furbay or my website store?

All new Furbay members have to do is add "Furbay Animal Charity Items" to your existing website store! Then list items in that category you want to offer so that shoppers can quickly find them!The 'link' to those items or category is required because that link will be used on charity websites, Furbay's network, and all social media promotions. Once there, shoppers are welcome to shop your entire store! Attempts to bypass this requirement can lead to loss of membership status.

How to offer gift certificates?

Furbay Business Members can capitalize on special events, holidays or whatever occasion they wish!  These are great times to offer Gift Certificates. They are offered like any other item on their own store - under the 'Furbay Animal Charity' category business members must add to their existing stores! Another benefit to help animals for shoppers looking for gift certificates anyway!

Please Note: Our store item examples are suggestions for animal charities and business members to use your imagination. For example, holidays, events, coupons, prizes, contests, and drawings! The bottom line for all our members is to ‘benefit’ by helping animals! When we do as members, our animal friends do too!

Can Furbay provide raffles? We can do even better than that! We can offer Sweepstakes!

Yes! By using Furbay to reach a network of animal charities, businesses, supporting members, and the general public, the potential for more ticket sales is better than ever!  Important to know is that Furbay intends to use legal alternatives to Raffles such as Drawings and Sweepstakes. They can be used more often and can be even more beneficial than raffles!

See - Non-profit Fundraising Programs to see the BIG differences and benefits of Sweepstakes over raffles!
FHS & Furbay will try to obtain higher quality items for our animal charity members from our Business & Artist members. Using our network of members and the general public, the potential for more revenue resides in reaching a huge market that can help raise more revenue for whichever charity member is offering the raffle.

Businesses & Artists members can cover their costs and profit using a Reserve Price to be met .As with all items offered on Furbay, we highly recommend that our members provide at least a ten-percent (10%) revenue margin to benefit their chosen animal charity. We will promote the raffle and Sweepstake items and the charity holding them, using our Furbay bulletin board on our website and social media outlets!

How can my charity offer a Sweepstake, and how can Furbay help?

Our Furbay network gives animal charities and non-profits that can legally offer raffles an almost limitless ability to reach more people and raise more revenue.

Furbay Business members in your communities can provide your animal charity with raffle or Sweepstake items and everyone can benefit. It is better if business members or donors cover their costs and make a profit but still provide your charity with a donation. This means they can partner with you more often. Furbay will also donate to those community animal charities from any proceeds they derive as a result of that campaign! A win-win!

Additional ideas and possibilities are almost endless, but to name a few good ones for Raffles and Sweepstakes are artwork, cruises, vacations, getaways, B&Bs, or even home makeover packages!

We will begin our own Sweepstakes program with smaller prizes to help kickoff our Fur Heaven's Sake & Furbay website. As our memberships grow we can also offer larger prizes. When we do, Furbay's platform will provide fun for everyone and, most importantly, greatly benefit the animal charities we wish to help!

Furbay will be here to and help promote your charity's Sweepstakes via our network of animal lovers and general public!