What Furbay Does

             What Does Furbay Offer As A Non-Profit?

Besides our four membership programs, as we grow, Fur Heaven's Sake will accumulate sponsors and donors. Revenue permitting, we are dedicated to helping smaller animal charities and groups who do so much with so little.

Fur Heaven's Sake will never have a deaf ear of their amazing love and devotion to helping animals. They are the ones in the most need and they are the ones we will help first! We will use the revenue we generate to help 'community animal charities' as much and as often as we can, especially for those who desperately need help.  

Our charity memberships can be from communities worldwide where we can help our animal friends no matter where they are! We will help our non-profit charity members with bigger and better Raffle offerings in terms of quality items, and expanded ticket sales through Furbay's website, our network of members, and our combined social platforms!

That means more revenue for the animal charity, more sales for our business and art members, and more fun for our Furbay members and animal lovers wherever they may be!