How Do Supporting Members Benefit?

Supporters of an animal c harity are the Staff, Volunteers, Fund Raisers, Donors, and Sponsors. They do so much with so little. Furbay will help raise more revenue for our community animal shelters. If that "Help You Help Them..." we have suceeded!

Our membership for 'Supporting Members' is designed for those who love animals and want to help in a financial way by having their monthly fees go directly to the animal charity in their community they register under! Furbay will send each month to that charity!

For example, even a small community animal charity should be able to attract at least 200 members at only $20 a month to support them. That's @ $4,000 a month to that charity!

In return, Furbay's Business & Art members, from anywhere worldwide, can help by shopping on our members eCommerce 'existing' stores and buy items our members want to offer to help our animal charity members!
All our members benefit by covering their costs, making a profit, and giving a recommended ten percent (10%) to the Furbay animal charity of their choice!

It would be nice to offer now and then, some perks and benefits, and some fun ways to show appreciation for all who love animals and give so much. Offering some perks to our supporting members, charity staff, and volunteers is good for morale, stress relief, and incentive for new volunteers and attracting new Supporting Members for your charity!

Furbay will provide the extra revenue to say 'Thank You' to staff and volunteers and an occasional perk is a great way to do it! Maybe a dinner out, some extra raffle tickets, a gift certificate, B&B, whatever you want to offer!  Your business members can offer some special rewards or discounts that's good for them too, and everyone benefits!