Supporting Memberships

Volunteer supporters are the backbone of community animal charities. Volunteers who support all the functions of an animal charity, from cleaning cages, walking animals, fostering,  cross posting, transporting, adoption events, and fundraising events, also donate their money, time, and emotions more than many people realize!

Fur Heaven's Sake & Furbay's primary goal is to "Help You Help Them" by providing more revenue animal charities need!  Offering incentives to attract more supporters for your animal charity in your community and beyond is the key to raising more revenue!

Please Note: The animal charity you wish to support must first be registered in our Furbay program. Membership for all legitimate animal charities and organizations is FREE! Once they register, anyone wishing to send their monthly dues to that charity simply registers as a 'Supporter' under them. All animal charity members will be shown in our Membership Directory.

If they have not registered yet, encourage them to do so. They are losing potential revenue!

Furbay sends our Supporter Memberships monthly fees to the animal charity they registered under when becoming a Furbay Supporting Member!

Example: Only 200 supporters would equal @ $4,000 per month!  
Three hundred = @ $6,000 per month!
(There is a $3.00 admin fee for processing members dues.)

Another way is having donations made from our Businesses and Art Members from their Furbay sales!

Fur Heaven's Sake members will be people who love animals, but also want to help their community, increase their own revenue potential, and expand their market reach via our Furbay network.

Furbay members benefit themselves by helping animals!

It's called Cause-Marketing! Everyone wins! Especially the animals we need to help!