Furbay Members Store Gallery
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These images are examples only  of how our animal charity, business, and art members can display their store items. 


Learn more about Furbay's mutually beneficial memberships while helping animals in your communities!

Imagine your online store reaching millions of animal lovers worldwide!

No, we are not there yet as we've just begun. But, if you love animals and love shopping, why not buy when you can from others who feel the same way. Revenue from profits by our members  go to the animal charity they offered that item for!

Furbay takes no revenue from these sales! While other websites offer @ .5 to 1. percent, Furbay members are required to offer ten (10%) at least.  Furbay helps your community businesses, and animal charities help more animals!
 Your customers that love animals appreciate your community involvement!

(Examples of how your listing will look.)
Women's Fashions... Your Store or Website URL above your gallery directing people to your online store!

& your store or website URL here.  

                                       ON THE EDGE FASHIONS FOR MEN!

Examples of items men's fashions, recreation,  and faux paws...!  (Not that men have any...)

Business, Service, and Art Members - Take advantage of the
Four Free Months of having your store's images displayed in our  Furbay Photo Gallery!

True, we are just beginning, but after four months, lets see where you and your community animal charities are. Let your community evaluate how your support has helped them, how Furbay has helped your business,
and most importantly, how together, we have helped our animal friends!

                                                                       RAFFLES!  Let's maximize the potential that Raffles can offer each of us!

Business & Art members can offer their art and items for charity raffles! Members cover their costs, make some profit, and help animal charities! Together we all benefit, have some fun, and help fundraise for your community animal charities!

When we have enough members, our Furbay network will provide the platform for our member charities to offer Raffle ticket sales wherever they may be!

Animal charities will be able to reach all our members, our combined social media friends, and the general public! This platform will expanding their market reach and increasing ticket sales beyond their communities.

Furbay will help promote these events and help procure items and art from our members . Any revenue Furbay makes from sponsoring these raffles will be used to help all our charity members, not just the ones holding the raffle! Again, a win-win format!

The images below are examples for Raffles and prizes, trips, cruises, home make-over, whatever!  The fun part using your own imagination..


Besides offering your art to our members and the general public on our website and social media outlets, I would like to see artwork being offered as part of our RAFFLE program and special events where it could be supported for rewards or prizes. Set a Reserve Price for your work to make sure you benefit as well as the animal charities holding raffles. Furbay looks forward to our membership warranting having our own Raffles using your artwork!
(And a good way to cover your membership costs!)