Art membership

Why an Art membership?  Furbay added this membership to provide new markets for the artwork of all media forms. That would be one reason, but there are more. Belonging to a network of animal charities, businesses, and charity supporters, our members benefit by helping each other buy and sell.How Does It Work?  Furbay Artist members use their websites and online stores, so changing or setting up a new store is unnecessary. Adding a ‘Furbay Animal Charity’ category to their current store or gallery lets visitors quickly find the animal charity items first! That’s it!Artists with stores on Fine Arts America or other similar online outlets are welcome to use those links.  They must be able to add the “Furbay Animal Charity” if they want to link to our website.

Please note: All art, jewelry, and sculpture must be the artist's original work.  Plus as our introductory offer, Furbay is giving four (4) Free months to use our Furbay Photo Gallery to present your artwork images to our members and the general public!  Furbay’s platform presents these art pieces to our animal charity members for use in fundraising, such as raffles, but our Furbay members and the general public can purchase your artwork anytime. How do Artists benefit?  Our Furbay Artist members can offer their work often by covering their costs and making a profit! Furbay encourages all our members to provide a ten-percent (10%) profit margin, or more, for the animal charity that will benefit from that item when sold.

I would like to see our art members offering their work as raffle fundraising items to our animal charity members throughout the year! As non-profits, with our Furbay network, these smaller charities can now reach many more people worldwide, and as our membership grows, they can sell tickets to a much larger market! Who wins?  Well, the artist whose artwork was offered; and two, the animal charity who can now reach beyond their community to sell more tickets; and three, the animals who need the care this revenue source can provide!