Business Members

Like Supporting Members for charities - Business Members can be from anywhere! Furbay Business members can use their existing websites and online stores, so changing or setting up a new store is unnecessary.

Adding a ‘Furbay Animal Charity’ category to their current store or gallery lets visitors quickly find the animal charity items first! That’s it!

When business members register with Furbay, they designate one of their ‘community animal charities’ with whom they want to register. This gets them into our network administratively where they can now network with all our members anywhere in the world!  

As an introductory offer, we are giving four (4) Free months to use our Furbay Photo Gallery to present your sale items and artwork images to our members and the general public!

When a Business Member offers a product or service and donates a percentage of the sale to an animal charity, that charity benefits when the item is sold. Furbay suggests a ten (10%) percent donation whenever possible.

The Business and Art members benefit by reaching animal lovers everywhere while covering costs, making a profit and donating a percentage to whichever Furbay charity member they want to help!