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Welcome to Fur Heaven's Sakes & Furbay! You are becoming a member of a totally new approach to raising revenue for animal charities and organizations!
And the best part, (besides helping the animals!) is that all our memberships benefit financially and socially at the same time!

If you want to be a Supporter of a specific animal charity where your monthly dues go directly to them each month, specify which one when you register.

(If your animal charity has not yet registered, encourage them to do so!   In the meantime you can register under our Fur Heaven's Sake charity and change at no charge when your favorite animal charity does become a member!  FHS appreciates your support during that time!

Businesses register as a Furbay Business Member which allows you to offer items for sale to support any or all of our animal charities, especially in your community! As a Furbay Member, you don't need to worry about showing favoritism by registering under just one charity. Simply designate which one you are donating to when your item sells.

Any questions, see our FAQs or Contact Us for help. "Together we will make a world of difference for a world full of our friends!"

Please Note: Furbay has three (3) main memberships: Animal Charity; Supporting Members, and Business Members.
Animal Charities register for Free! Other memberships are only $20 a month!

Once registered, anyone wishing to help support that charity can do so by registering as a Supporting Member under them.
If the charity is not yet registered, you are invited to help support us at Furbay until they do! We can use your help and you can switch to your community animal charity when they register!
Businesses register under Furbay which allows them to
benefit globally wherever our members may be. They can list items and services that can be purchased from anyone, anywhere! They simply donate ten (10%) or more to the Furbay Animal Charity member when items are sold!
I have a business type membership for Artists also, and the only reason I made it separate was to allow easy viewing for our shoppers to just enjoy all the Art, Crafts, Sculptures, Jewelry and more from our artsy members in their own galleries!

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