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Our Goals To Help Animal Charities

The primary feature needed to increase revenue is using ‘Common-Cause Principles.’ These principles provide a ‘mutually beneficial’ platform where all members benefit!

Fur Heaven’s Sakes' Furbay platform expands on those principles with a 'networking platform' that will raise more revenue in your community and for animal charities worldwide. Becoming a member of Furbay allows our members of each category to ‘reach out to the world…and have the world reach back.’

Goal Number One:  Focusing On Helping Community Animal Charities!

A long time has passed since I first thought about creating Fur Heaven’s Sake and our marketplace called Furbay. Too long, and there were many reasons for that but suffice to say I’m glad we are finally here.

I thank God for inspiring me in the beginning to do this and for His patience with me as I stumbled along. I had intended to retire and attempt to become a published writer for my ‘great American novel.’ 

I bought new golf clubs, fly fishing equipment, and camping gear for my recreational breaks to cure those times when I would have writer’s block. But, before I could get around to doing all that, I became involved with some animal shelters in Grants Pass, Oregon.

A humorous expression says, “Life is what happens when you are busy making other plans.”  It is also a true one!

And so, after learning more about why we need our community animal charities and the ‘wonderful angels’ that love and care for them, my plans changed. I had no idea the challenges our community animal charities faced daily to save our furry friends. I believe God wanted me to visit an animal shelter that day and many others since then so that I would discover a different plan for my retirement. And a much better one!

Before I outline what I intend to do with Fur Heaven’s Sake & Furbay, I want to sincerely thank all the staff and volunteers at every animal shelter, animal charity, or organization, wherever they may be. They are unsung heroes, one and all...

Whenever I would get discouraged and frustrated trying to make Furbay work, it only took reading a few postings on my social media about these wonderful animal care givers who give so much with so little.

They devote time and money, physical and emotional energy, to saving our furry friends on the ‘front lines’ of animal welfare every day! 

So, ‘Thank You’ for all you do for them and for your inspiration. The goal of Fur Heaven's Sake & Furbay is to 'Help You Help Them.' We look forward to publishing some of  ‘Your Stories’  in the near future on how Furbay helped your animal charity

Create a website & eCommerce network for animal lovers everywhere.  Legitimate animal charities in every community can join us - for free!

Once the animal charity is registered with us, community businesses can register under one of them to become part of the Furbay network.
They register under just one but can also help other Furbay animal charity members in their community or worldwide.

Animal lovers and advocates can become Supporting Members by registering with their community animal charity of choice. They donate $20 a month revenue to that animal charity through Furbay.  If only 200 members registered with a Furbay Animal Charity member would generates approximately $4,000 monthly! 300 members equal @ $6,000 a month!

Plus revenue from our Business Members. Our website provides details how all our members benefit! Fundraising may be challenging, but Furbay can make it fun!
Goal Number Two - Create A Worldwide Network For Animals!

Furbay is a network of business members, animal organizations, and the people that love them, wherever they may be.  As our membership grows consider all the friends and family of our members on their social media, websites, and their eCommerce stores. Fur Heaven’s Sakes & Furbay alone has distribution potential upon launching to reach close to one million animal organizations, charities, businesses, and animal supporters!

It took a while to create Furbay, because it was unique and innovative, and no simple software downloads were available. But it’s here now, and you can use it for your benefit and to help animals in communities worldwide. Become a Furbay friend in your community today! 
Choose Your Membership today!